The devastation that Sandy has brought upon our area is indescribable. In her aftermath, and the ensuing nor’easter, we must worry about our loved ones, our homes, and our lives.  While we work to put our lives back together, and sit in gas lines, many of us are also concerned about our jobs, and our livelihood.  As employees, it is important to know your rights in the workplace and to recognize any injustice during these most difficult times.

There are numerous Federal, State, and Local laws that protect us from unwarranted intrusions upon our lives by our employers, or by those who seek to take advantage of the misery of others.  These laws are there to protect us in good times, and in bad.  Know your rights so you are not only protected in these trying times, but also so you can have peace of mind that you do have these protections.

At the Law Office of Steven A. Morelli, we pride ourselves on protecting the rights of individual employees, and fighting against injustice in the workplace. We provide a voice to those who have no voice. Let us fight for you.

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