The reputation of this firm has been forged in our ability to aggressively pursue the interests of our clients within the bounds of law and ethics.

We win cases, and at the same time we look to make society a better place. We look for cases in which we can do both, win and make significant, lasting change. We look for clients who are willing to stand up with us, and fight the system, not for the sake of fighting, but for the sake of providing a better world for all of us.

Make that change in your workplace, not necessarily for yourself, but for your grandchildren, and your neighbors’ grandchildren.

Be unafraid to speak out on public issues.

Confront those business issues head on, with the knowledge that you have aggressive advocates behind you.

Stand up for yourself because it is the right thing to do. 

We look to make a difference, and, with the help of our brave and persevering clients, we have been very successful in doing so. From changing the law in various areas of employees rights, to protecting Freedom of Speech from those who would chill our ability to speak out. We fight for the rights of innocent school children. We stand firm against inequities and unfairness, and we level the playing field, so that all can be heard and counted.

We do not only do this in the courtroom.

Our lawyers are active in their communities, standing up for what is right and just. This is not just a job for us, it is a way of life.

We believe in Justice, and we fight for it!

We can compete with any firm, big or small, but we prevail because of our passion, our experience and mostly, because of our heart. We look for those cases in which we can immerse ourselves, and become intricately involved with the interests of our clients. Many times a win for our client, is also a win for society as a whole.

We provide a voice to those who have no voice. We give power to those who feel powerless. We offer hope to those who see things as hopeless.

Let us fight for you!